Why Titletown Plumbing?

There are some really important things to consider when choosing a plumbing contractor. At TitleTown Plumbing we pride ourselves in two particular areas of outstanding plumbing service: integrity and quality plumbing parts.

Plumbing Service With Integrity

We do things right the first time. With years of experience and the right plumbers, you can expect the highest level of customer service and best plumbing services in Gainesville, FL.

Quality Plumbing Parts

You’ve got some options when it comes to plumbing service and plumbing parts. Method #1: fix an issue cheaply and with low quality products that “save you money”. Method #2: fix an issue with a more permanent solution the first time. The problem is that method #1 results in regular maintenance that doesn’t save you any money and results in further damage from regular deterioration.

TitleTown Plumbing only uses the best materials available. If there is a better item available, that’s what we use.

Why Brass?

Most plumbing companies use pot metal, plastic, or zinc parts that don’t last as long as better materials including stainless steel or brass. We use brass (when available) because we want our customers to be confident that the parts we are providing are going to last.

Technology in Plumbing

The plumbing industry as a whole has done such a poor job of educating and caring for customers, you may not even be aware of more advanced ways that plumbing contractors can assess damage to plumbing systems. One particular instrument we use at TitleTown Plumbing is our inspection camera. These can be inserted in drain lines up 200 feet in length. The cameras help us find current problems, or problems that you haven’t found yet, but will be catastrophic in the future. In doing so, TitleTown Plumbing actually labors to find and fix problems before they happen.

Similarly, smoke testing can be used to help find drain line leaks. Broken pipes in walls can result in irregular sewer odors leaching into a residential or commercial building. TitleTown Plumbing locates holes in your plumbing lines by using an advanced pressurized system that blows smoke throughout your plumbing.

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