Fixing A Leaky Toilet Tank


We’ve all had to deal with it at some point: a leaky toilet.

You’re sitting in the living room reading quietly and every 15 minutes or so you hear the strange noise of rushing water. You check the fridge, nothing wrong. You check the dishwasher, nothing wrong. You chase the sound all through the house until finally you realize it’s your toilet. For some strange reason, it keeps “turning on” every so often.

Unless you see water puddled underneath your toilet (under the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl), then you probably have a leak between your bowl and your tank on your toilet.

Let’s give you a few key steps to take that will help you assess where the leak is coming from.

Assess the Leak With Food Coloring

  1. First, carefully remove the lid on the toilet’s tank and place the lid carefully on top of a soft towel to prevent damage.
  2. Second, squirt 3-5 drops of red or blue food coloring in the tank.
  3. Next, after you hear the toilet “turn on” again, check the water in the toilet bowl to see if it has turned the color of the food coloring you placed in the tank.

If the water in the toilet bowl has tinted the color you placed in the tank, your leaky toilet is probably a result of a damaged or deteriorated flush valve. At this point, you should replace the valve or have it replaced by a professional. Be sure to choose quality replacement parts that won’t deteriorate as quickly in the future. Not fixing a leaky toilet can result in increased water expenses each month and even cause further damage.

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